Trung & Carma

Carma’s favorite memory is the 2016 term 4 camp to Binningup. We watched the sunset on the beach and played games until the sun went down. There were snake alerts and a hike through a spider infested path but that made it even more exciting. Some things didn’t go as planned but all in all it was a fun camp and wonderful memory.

Carma joined Bush Rangers because she thought it was a good opportunity to receive some experience and wildlife knowledge. She was very excited and it turned out great. Trung joined bush rangers because Carma blackmailed him… and told him it was a good opportunity to become more knowledgeable and that it was very fun. Trung agreed and is very happy with his decision.

Carma has learnt how to address a snake bite using a triangle bandage. She now has the ability to potentially save someone’s life. Trung has learnt how to make a sling out of a triangle bandage. He can create a supportive and functional sling.

In the future it would be cool if Bush Rangers could include even more opportunities to learn about animals and wildlife. It could also be helpful to learn about trees and plants and how that could help us navigate the bush. Doing more fun things could improve the environment of the classroom.  (Hopefully we will get to do lots of these sorts of activities – Mr Cummings)

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