The Best Thing About Bush Rangers

Our favourite memory is Boshack camp term 3 2015. A bushfire had started near our campsite, and quickly became out of control causing us to evacuate the campsite. We went to a park in Toodyay and stayed there for about 5 hours before we were allowed back. When we were driving back there were still spot fires burning around the road.

The most interesting thing that we learnt was being able to support one’s arm using a piece of fabric. This will be helpful later in life.
I joined Bush Rangers because I wanted to be less antisocial, meet new friends and I wanted to assert my political dominance as well as my interest in nature and learning.

My favourite camp so far in Bush Rangers is the camp where we went to Busselton because that was the second and last time where we could actually touch/play in the water. That camp was lit fam! I also made new friends with a poisonous stingray.*dab*

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