Marvellous Monday Meetings 29/7/2019

**Marvellous Monday Meetings Issue 3! Sorry it’s a bit late this week (and extremely short)!**

This week at Bush Rangers construction of the Native Bee hotels got under way. Each hotel looks amazing and it will be interesting how they will progress next week.

Progress varied within the unit, with some cadets completing their hotels and others finalising their ideas.

The hives are constructed of various materials, but largely assorted bamboo and PVC pipes of varying sizes.

The construction of the hotels marked an excellent start to the second school semester of 2019.

On a different note, thank you to those cadets who sent in testimonials for the MAC Camp. I’d strongly encourage everyone to write an article or two on the website, perhaps you could provide updates to the “Our Thoughts” section?

See you all next week!
Rama Sugiartha
Year 9 Bush Ranger Cadet

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