Marvellous Monday Meetings 17/6/2019

*** Welcome to the second edition of Marvellous Monday Meetings where the activities of the meeting are reviewed, and updates given from the perspective of a Bush Ranger Cadet. This series will see a new addition published weekly where there is a meeting. The series is currently being written on trial and will improve with time. Read on! ***

Bush Ranger Cadets develops cadets physically (to some extent), socially and mentally as well demonstrated by the activities of today.

Cadets were once again treated to Drill practice by Cadet Andrew, who is also a member of the Australian Air Force Cadets. Drill follows the basis of parade march training and demonstrates integrity and respect within the unit.

Well done to all cadets who participated today. Don’t forget to work on those turns!

Currently, cadets are working on designing and building native bee “hotels” to house Australia’s communal yet solitary pollinators. Today was the day to showcase designs to groups and finalise equipment lists. A lot of progress and research has been made since last week’s session and it will be interesting to see how the project turns out.

Next week, the groups will begin constructing and assembling their hotels and work on creating a library display for the project.

See you all next week!

Rama Sugiartha
Year 9 Bush Ranger Cadet

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