Marvellous Monday Meetings 12/08/19

(Sorry for the delay in posting this… – Mr Cummings)

** Welcome to (what I think is) Issue 6 of Marvellous Monday Meetings, the weekly summary of Monday’s Meetings ***

Today’s meeting was quite productive. The Bee Hotel project has been completed and can been seen on the perimeter fence behind the tennis courts. Well done to everyone, I’m sure the bees will love their beautiful new homes.

Next we saw the final stages of planning before filming commences next week for the Bush Ranger Promotion Video, showcasing the offerings of the unit. I hope everyone’s work is progressing well! Lots of interesting details about the unit have been passed along from individual to individual and I can’t wait to see the end results.

Next week we are looking at visiting the topic of aquatic invertebrates and surveying local specimens. It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the importance of keeping our waterways healthy and thriving.

Until next week,
Rama Sugiartha
Year 9 Bush Ranger Cadet

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