Marvellous Monday Meetings 10/6/2019

*** Welcome to the first edition of Marvellous Monday Meetings where the activities of the meeting are reviewed, and updates given from the perspective of a Bush Ranger Cadet. This series will see a new addition published weekly where there is a meeting. The series is currently being written on trial and will improve with time. Read on! ***

Today Bush Rangers explored various goals that should be achieved within the new unit promotion video and how they will build a native bee hotel within their groups.
The now outdated Bush Ranger video will be ousted, to be replaced by the creations of the efforts of each group, paving the way for the next generation of Bush Ranger Cadets at John Forrest. Some goals groups discussed included environmental impacts of Bush Rangers, the values of Bush Rangers and the rewards associated with actively participating as a cadet. All these goals shared one common goal however, to promote the Bush Ranger unit and to get more like-minded peers to join in!

Don’t forget to start considering what kind of tone and content will be in your videos!

Later during this meeting, cadets were introduced to the idea of creating Native Bee Hotels, providing alternative artificial yet natural housing for the pollinators of our country and the next big project to be undertaken by the unit. The base of the outer shells of the hives will be made from re-purposed buckets, damaged over time. To make the hotels more appealing to both the human and bee eye, the hives will be decorated to blend in with its natural surroundings. There will be prizes for the best designed beehives both scientifically and aesthetically.

Already cadets have had many a great idea on the designs and I personally can’t wait to see the project evolve into a masterpiece. Make sure you have a materials list for next weeks Monday Meeting!

See you all next week!

Rama Sugiartha
Year 9 Bush Ranger Cadet

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  1. Awesome post Rama. I’m looking forward to seeing more contributions to the website from you and other cadets.

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