Suh, My name is Charlie!!!
Favourite camp:
Haven’t been to one lol
Best thing that you done in BR:
My favourite Bush Rangers memory is going to the bushwalk at John Forrest National Park. The pizza was my favourite part of it, though. The walk was painful.
What I’ve learned:
I learnt that you can make a sling out of anything fabric and large. Except for a bed sheet cover because that’s too complicated. I also learned that Endurance is also something that we should all have, because if you were to go walking for what seemed to be ages you’d definitely need it. Bush Rangers is some hard stuff, man. How to save someone from snakebite was also something I paid attention to.
Why I even joined?:
I joined to prove myself I could do something? My brother was always out doing basketball and karate and all I’d ever do is sit in my room and study, procrastinate and draw. Also, being outside is fun.

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