Bush Rangers by Lucy and Alannah

The reason we joined Bush Rangers was because we could make new friends and learn about wild life. Our favourite memory at Bush Rangers was our first camp. We spent one night at Yanchep National Park. Where Lucy made an advertisement (ad) on her mobile in our tent for Mozzie anit (mozzie repellent) we all laughed when Lucy put Mozzie anit all over herself, including in her hair. In Bush Rangers we have learnt that Mr Cummings is a male model and how to do first aid on snakebites.

The best thing we have done so far is lazer tag with all our friends in term 3. We would like to interact with more live animals and make food that we could eat when we go on camps like damper and baked potato’s over a fire.  (That sounds like an awesome idea. – Mr Cummings)

-Lucy & Alannah-

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