Volunteer to maintain the Munda Biddi Trail

The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation is looking for volunteers to help maintain the trail.

The Munda Biddi Trail is divided into 108 maintenance sections, varying in length from 7-20km. Some sections include a campsite. Volunteers adopt a section of the Trail and are trained to look after it. Their role is essential in ensuring that the Trail remains well-kept and well-loved. Each section is maintained by a team which may consist of one person working on their own, a group of friends, family or work mates.  Sometimes the responsibility for a section may be shared by more than one team.

A Field Day is held annually in each district as part of your training. It is expected that each volunteer will attend one Field Day each year. In addition to practical training, these days provide a chance to meet the Volunteer Coordinator, Parks and Wildlife staff and other volunteers.

If interested check out their website using the link below for more details.

The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation

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